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Endodontic Retreatment

A dentist or endodontist will do everything possible to save an infected tooth during root canal therapy.

Unfortunately, a variety of adverse situations can compromise a tooth after a root canal, necessitating endodontic retreatment

Philadelphia, PA, comes to Associated Endodontists, P.C. because we are known to perform painless, tooth-saving root canal retreatment. 

We Provide Emergency Endodontic Treatment

Our expert dentists are here to relieve your dental pain. We are open on weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Call us at (215) 477-8941 or write to us to request emergency endodontic treatment. 

Why You May Need Endodontic Retreatment

A tooth saved with root canal treatment can last a lifetime. However, retreatment may become necessary in the months or even years after an initial root canal, often for reasons outside of your control. You likely need retreatment if you are experiencing pain or infection in the area of the tooth that originally received root canal treatment. 

Many potential factors can create a need for retreatment. A tooth may require endodontic retreatment when it does not heal properly. You may also need retreatment if your initial dentist failed to completely clear the infection or did not fully understand your complex tooth anatomy. This risk is why receiving root canal therapy from true experts in endodontics is so important. 

Endodontic retreatment can also become necessary due to new decay, new infection, or sudden tooth damage. Regardless of the cause of your concerns, you can rely on our highly trained team to diagnose and successfully treat your endodontic issue. 


And Endodontic Retreatment Has High Success

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*Sourced from a 2017 journal published by the American Association of Endodontists

Why Our Endodontists Are So Trusted

Find out what patients appreciate about our endodontic specialists, Dr. Eric Hodges and Dr. Joanna Ku.


Our dentists are also endodontists, something less than 3% of dental professionals can claim. This means they completed years of specialized training in root canals. In addition to being extensively trained, our dentists are highly experienced. A general dentist performs less than two root canals per week on average. Endodontists typically complete around 25 root canals in any given week.  


The effective, pain-free procedures our dental team completes have earned them widespread acclaim. Philadelphia Magazine named our practice "Top Dentist" in both 2017 and 2019. Our dentists also hold membership in a variety of notable organizations. These include the National Dental Association, the American Association of Endodontists, and the Philadelphia County Dental Society. 


Our team prides itself on its earned reputation of providing pain-free treatment. We achieve this with the use of advanced technologies and techniques. For example, our dentists are authorized providers of the cutting-edge GentleWave® procedure. This minimally invasive approach uses multisonic wavelengths to more comfortable and more effective retreatment. 

Get Your Smile Back on Track Work With Our Endodontics Experts

Our dentists strive to make each aspect of treatment as comfortable as possible. This extends through every square inch of our Philadelphia office. We have consciously created a relaxing environment, and our staff is known to be both compassionate and friendly. 

Our dedication to each patient naturally includes an eye towards affordability. We accept most insurance plans and offer affordable rates for endodontics. Our team also provides convenient payment options to allow for more financial flexibility. To relieve your pain with wallet-friendly root canal retreatment, simply call or write to our endodontists to request your appointment.

(215) 477-8941


Philadelphia Trusts Our Team "The procedure was totally painless!"


Donna Bateman


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Dr Hodges and his assistant Tianna are absolutely amazing... everything was explained to me in detail and I was at ease and the procedure was totally painless !

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Lativa D


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Great experience Dr. Hodges and his staff are very professional and fixed my tooth pain.

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The Painless Retreatment Procedure

We use modern, gentle techniques to minimize discomfort throughout the procedure and during recovery. In fact, endodontic retreatment does much more to relieve pain than to cause it.
We use modern, gentle techniques to minimize discomfort throughout the procedure and during recovery. In fact, endodontic retreatment does much more to relieve pain than to cause it.


Endodontic retreatment begins by re-entering the tooth to obtain access to the root canal filling material. This may include removal of restorative materials and a post/core. We will then remove the old filling material in the roots. 


Our dentists use specialized endodontic microscopes to accurately visualize each canal of the tooth. This optimal magnification technology allows us to fully clean the canals, identify additional canals, and search for unusual anatomy. 


Once cleaned, we will then refill the canals and place a temporary filling. Now that your infected pulp has been removed, your tooth bone will begin to heal. 

Be Ready for Restoration A Crown Can Protect Your Tooth


It is important to see your dentist as soon as possible following retreatment. Promptly receiving your restoration will protect your tooth from new bacteria and restore its function. If you are unsatisfied with the quality of previous dental work, our endodontists can refer you to trusted practitioners. 

Common Root Canal Misconceptions

Experiencing an unsuccessful root canal may make you believe tooth extraction is your only viable route. Revisiting some common root canal myths may restore your faith in endodontics

Endodontic Treatment Is Painful

Many decades ago, endodontic treatment had a deserved reputation for causing pain. However, technology and anesthetic advancements have rendered this worry obsolete. This is especially true when you choose a team of endodontic specialists like ours. Receiving retreatment at our Philadelphia, PA, office does not cause pain, it relieves it. 

Endodontic Treatment Can Make You Sick

Another major myth about root canals is that they increase the risk of future illness. This false claim originated from faulty research conducted in the 1920s. Just a decade later, more robust studies proved it untrue. Unfortunately, the idea that root canals can lead to disease has persisted. You should know that a root canal does not cause bodily illness. 

It's Better to Just Pull the Tooth

Some patients believe it is simpler and better to have a tooth extracted instead of receiving retreatment. You should know that saving the natural tooth is always the best course of action. A tooth saved with retreatment can go on to last a lifetime. Endodontic retreatment also avoids the need for costly and time-consuming tooth replacements like dental implants.

More 5-Star Reviews From Philadelphia, PA, Patients


Jaclyn Schrauger


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Dr. Hodges and his team did a great job! They were very polite (to me and each other), and Dr. Hodges did a great job explaining my dental stuff to me. They also squeezed me in for an emergency follow up when my crown popped off which was super appreciated!

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Five Stars! Had my first visit today with Dr. Hodges for a retreatment of a root canal. When I called to schedule my appointment, I was put on the priority list & was given an appointment within one week. The staff- Brittany & Dr. Hodges put me at ease with knowing I had some anxiety about the visit. The dental assistant (name unknown) was also amazing. She held my hand when the procedure first started and she was so nice!!! I Highly recommend..... signed-TV

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Dr. Eric Hodges

Associated Endodontists, P.C.

Our caring doctors and compassionate staff provide the finest, pain-free results in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Our team of endodontists are affiliated with a number of professional associations including:

  • American Association of Endodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • National Dental Association

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