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Do you suffer from a toothache, increased tooth sensitivity, or a persistent unpleasant taste in your mouth?

Endodontics is specialized care that addresses your tooth pain and the issues that caused it.  

The dentists at Associated Endodontist, P.C., serving Philadelphia, PA, can resolve your pain so you can live your life comfortably.

What Is Endodontics?

Endodontics is the specialized branch of dentistry that deals exclusively with the dental pulp and the tissues surrounding the root of the tooth. We offer a range of treatments at our endodontic practice serving Philadelphia, PA, including:

Root Canal Therapy

Root canals are one of the most common dental procedures. A root canal involves removing the inflamed or infected pulp from a tooth. A dental crown is often used to strengthen and protect the tooth structure following a root canal.

Endodontic Retreatment

Endodontic retreatment is performed when a tooth does not heal, develops another infection, or is still painful following a root canal. This can be due to improper oral care, further trauma or damage, or remnants of diseased pulp in the roots that was missed during the initial treatment.

Endodontic Surgery

Endodontic surgery is performed to save the tooth when non-surgical treatment did not work to resolve the pain or infection. As with retreatment, endodontic surgery may be needed due to improper oral care or further trauma or infections.  

The Importance of Endodontic Health

If the interior structure of your tooth is damaged or infected, it can cause further pain and other issues. Untreated infections can spread, leading to tooth and bone loss as well as the formation of a dental abscess. This accumulation of pus along the gumline could cause serious health problems.

While it may seem easier to simply extract the damaged or infected tooth, saving the tooth structure can prevent you from needing a bridge or dental implants later. In addition, when the jawbone no longer has the stimulation that natural tooth roots provide, the bone structure in the tooth gap can begin to deteriorate.

Ultimately, extractions are only used when a tooth is beyond saving. Endodontics is a preferable treatment approach.

Eric Hodges, DMD, and his team of highly trained dentists can address the infected tooth and save the healthy tooth structure. This will ensure long-term pain relief and lasting improvement to your oral health.

Cross section of a tooth with decay and possible pulp infection

Don't Live With Tooth Pain Call our Philadelphia area practice today

Endodontics may seem intimidating, but endodontic treatments are common and have been proven safe and effective.

Upon your arrival at Associated Endodontists, P.C., just outside of Philadelphia, PA, our warm and inviting office setting will allow you to relax. Pain is not an option. We strive to help resolve your toothache as painlessly as possible and save the tooth structure, ensuring your complete comfort during treatment.

Don't live with a toothache. Send our practice a message to request an initial consultation today.

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Eric Hodges, DMD
Eric Hodges, DMD, and our other experienced endodontists will help you through the entire endodontic process.

Happy Patients from Around Philadelphia, PA 5-Star Reviews


Valerie Holloman


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I had a great experience when I had an appointment for a root canal with Dr. Hodges. I was warmly greeted at the front desk of a bright, cheery office. Things only got better as time went on/With the technician Karema at his side my procedure was done by the skilled blessed hands of Dr. Hodges.. Even the initial needles for the anesthesia were administered in the most comfortable way. Kareema did a good job of relieving my initial anxiety. When the Dr. arrived with his confident and positive aura, I was fine. During the actual procedure I was educated on every move the Dr. made. They both inquired about my comfort level throughout my time in the chair and I was impressed by the ease that Kareema and Dr. Hodges worked in tandem, lockstep if you will. I am writing this review a day later when I received a call from the office just to see how I was ! So if you need a root canal make an appointment with Dr. Eric Hodges for your positive, painless experience. He truly caters to cowards! I am so proud of the excellence that this BLACK MAN displays. He has cared for patients of al race creeds and colors. ALL ARE WELCOME! Please pass the word on.

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Kayla Waters


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I avoided the dentist because it was always painful for me. I had to get a root canal, I called and spoke with Tierra— she was absolutely great, got all my information, insurance, told me the cost before I got there and we were set for the next day. I got there and they saw me literally right away, got me in the chair and comfortable. I cannot remember the name of the doctor who did my room canal (brunette female), she was a GODSEND! Explained everything she was doing, make sure i was numbed up before starting, explained was she went along, was quick and efficient was absolutely amazing! The dental assistant was just as great, they worked so well together! Not a single thing felt! I wanted to hug her it was amazing! I hope I never have to go back but if I do I won’t be going anywhere but to this office!

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Symptoms of Root Canal Infections Candidates for Endodontics

Contact our Philadelphia, PA, area practice today for endodontic help if you experience any of these symptoms:

Pain when biting

Toothaches that interrupt your sleep

Radiating pain from a single area of your mouth

A pimple on your gum that may excrete pus

Sensitivity to tooth pressure or tapping

Lingering toothache when drinking or eating hot or cold foods/drinks

A Tooth Infection Can Cause More Damage if Untreated

Illustration of root canal infection and formation of dental abscess
Once the pulp becomes infected, it can cause a host of painful symptoms as well as other oral health issues. 

Emergency Dental Care Available

Our practice is available for emergency dental care as well as a referral directly from your doctor. We will do our best to take care of you within 24 hours of your call.

Why Choose an Endodontist Over a General Dentist?

Endodontists have specialized training and have completed an additional two or more years of education beyond dental schools. This additional training allows them to focus on diagnosing and treating tooth pain that a dentist cannot.

Dr. Eric Hodges, Dr. Joanna Ku, and Dr. Homayon Berenji have over 30 years combined experience as dentists and endodontists. Their knowledge enables them to resolve pain, clear infections, and save your healthy tooth structure.

Our Endodontists Can
Collaborate with Dentists


If you are referred to us by your dentist, we will take care of your endodontic treatment and refer you back to your general dentist to place a permanent restoration (such as a crown) on that tooth. If you do not have a general dentist, Associated Endodontists, P.C. can refer you to an excellent dentist in the Philadelphia area.

See How a Root Canal Works

Your endodontist will numb the area so that you are completely comfortable during treatment. The inflamed pulp and infected tissue are removed from the pulp chamber, allowing your the endodontist to deep clean the inside of the tooth before it is filled. A general dentist will then place a crown or other restoration to protect the treated tooth.

Does Endodontic Treatment Hurt?

No. At Associated Endodontists, P.C., we pride ourselves on providing painless treatment options to restore your oral health.

Our doctors specialize in a variety of techniques and tools such as GentleWave® root canals. This advanced endodontic technology allows us to treat even the most complex cases while ensuring patent comfort.

Don't live with tooth pain due to fear of a root canal. Eric Hodges, DMD, and his associates can answer any questions you may have to ease your anxiety. We will help you through the entire endodontic process.

Endodontic Treatment Costs

Our practice serving Philadelphia, PA, accepts most insurance plans. It is important to remember that some plans require a referral from your general dentist. Before your appointment, we will confirm your benefits with your insurance company. To ensure that all of our patients have access to endodontic care regardless of insurance, we accept credit cards and offer third-party financing to cover out-of-pocket costs.

More 5-Star Reviews "Everyone was so kind and polite"


Kelsey Reyes


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This place is fantastic. Everyone was so kind and polite, I got in quickly, and I could have slept through my root canal they did such a good job numbing me and keeping me comfortable. I hope I don’t have any more teeth troubles, but if I do, I’ll come here.

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Five Stars! Had my first visit today with Dr. Hodges for a retreatment of a root canal. When I called to schedule my appointment, I was put on the priority list & was given an appointment within one week. The staff- Brittany & Dr. Hodges put me at ease with knowing I had some anxiety about the visit. The dental assistant (name unknown) was also amazing. She held my hand when the procedure first started and she was so nice!!! I Highly recommend..... signed-TV

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Dr. Eric Hodges

Associated Endodontists, P.C.

Our caring doctors and compassionate staff provide the finest, pain-free results in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Our team of endodontists are affiliated with a number of professional associations including:

  • American Association of Endodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • National Dental Association

Schedule a visit to our Philadelphia, PA, endodontist office today. Contact us online or or call (215) 477-8941.

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