GentleWave Painless Root Canal Treatment

GentleWave authorized providerMost patients would not associate root canal therapy with descriptions like “gentle” and “non-invasive.” A traditional root canal treatment requires drilling into an infected tooth, removing the affected soft tissue, and sealing the tooth. This invasive procedure requires the removal of a significant amount of your natural tooth structure. Drs. Eric Hodges and Joanna Ku offer a new and more comfortable alternative called GentleWave for their Philadelphia, PA, patients. GentleWave uses fluid dynamics and broad-spectrum acoustic energy to disinfect and clean the root canal system.

If you are looking for a more comfortable, painless root canal treatment, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Associated Endodontists. If you are experiencing a painful root canal, we will handle your case as a dental emergency. Our doctors specialize in root canal treatments and we strive to provide compassionate and comfortable treatments in a comfortable, relaxed environment.

How Does GentleWave Work?

Your GentleWave treatment will be performed at our Philadelphia dental practice under the expert hands of one of our doctors. First, local anesthesia will be applied to the infected tooth and surrounding gum tissue. Then, a hole will be drilled to access the tooth’s inner pulp. The GentleWave System will then be used to create a vortex of fluids that pull all the infected soft tissue out of the tooth. During the process, broad spectrum acoustic energy will remove all debris and infected tissue. Once your tooth is completely free of infection, a special material will fill the vacated space and a crown or inlay/onlay will be used to seal your tooth.

Benefits of GentleWave Treatments

By undergoing GentleWave treatment at our Philadelphia office, you can attain the same restorative oral health benefits as a traditional root canal without the discomfort. GentleWave is a safe, proven, and effective treatment for root canal infections. Patients who undergo this restorative treatment can benefit from:

  • A minimally invasive procedure
  • Immediate relief of infection-related pain
  • Restored oral health
  • Faster healing
  • A one-visit treatment
  • Low risk of treatment failure
  • Lower discomfort compared to standard root canal
  • Higher standard of cleaning

GentleWave offers superior results. Standard root canal treatments require the physical removal of infected soft tissue from the root canals. Additionally, although rare, root canal failures may require tooth extraction. By using fluid dynamics and broad-spectrum acoustic energy to disinfect the inner part of your tooth, we can significantly lower your risk of complications following the procedure.

By working with the doctors of associated Endodontists, P.C, patients can benefit from receiving expert care. Our dentists hold memberships with prominent medical groups, such as the National Dental Association, American Association of Endodontist, and American Dental Association.

Am I a Candidate?

Nearly any patient who suffers from a root canal infection is a candidate for GentleWave treatment. If you have been told by your dentist that you require a traditional root canal treatment, this may be a viable option for you. If you are in pain due to an infected tooth, contact our office or call (215) 477-8941 and a member of our dental team will set up an urgent visitation at our Philadelphia dental practice.

Schedule Your GentleWave Consultation Today

Root canal treatments have traditionally been uncomfortable or even mildly painful. GentleWave technology allows our doctors to perform the same procedure with better results and little to no discomfort. To schedule your GentleWave treatment, contact our office or call (215) 477-8941.

Dr. Eric Hodges

Associated Endodontists, P.C.

Our caring doctors and compassionate staff provide the finest, pain-free results in a comfortable, relaxed environment. Our team of endodontists are affiliated with a number of professional associations including:

  • American Association of Endodontists
  • American Dental Association
  • National Dental Association

Schedule a visit to our Philadelphia, PA, endodontist office today. Contact us online or or call (215) 477-8941.

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