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Most patients in need of endodontics have fears or reservations about treatment due to a lack of knowledge and understanding on the subject. At Associated Endodontists, P.C., located in Philadelphia, we provide endodontic information for all of our patients during your visit to our office. We believe that patients should be able to make informed decisions regarding treatment, and we are happy to educate individuals on the treatment options.

"Dear Dr. Hodges and Staff, Thank you so much. The time, skills, and compassion you shared were truly appreciated."

~ Foundation of Dentistry for the Handicapped

Endodontics Information Philadelphia

Pre-Treatment Endodontic Information

For most of our patients harboring fears or concern, some simple endodontic information is usually enough to put their minds at ease prior to treatment.

  • There are a variety of endodontic treatments from which to choose, from root canals to endodontic surgery
  • Endodontic treatments save the natural tooth
  • Saving the natural tooth allows for normal and efficient biting and chewing, while keeping the natural appearance and protecting other teeth
  • If left untreated, endodontic disease can cause systemic illnesses throughout the body

Post-Treatment Endodontic Information

The endodontic information provided at our Philadelphia practice also gives our patients an idea of what to expect following treatment.

  • Tooth restoration will still be needed following root canal treatment by your general dentist
  • Once the tooth restoration is complete, the tooth will function and last like your other natural teeth
  • Assuming proper oral hygiene is maintained, the treated tooth should provide long-term functional and aesthetic benefits
  • Routine checkups are necessary to ensure the treated tooth remains healthy, along with the rest of your mouth

Root Canal Therapy Myths

At Associated Endodontists, P.C., we also do our best to dispel false endodontics information that may be unduly influencing our potential patients in Philadelphia.

  • Root Canal Treatment is Painful – Not true. The infected or damaged tissue at the root of the tooth is actually what is causing the pain; once treated, the pain should be alleviated.
  • Root Canal Treatment Causes Illness – Also untrue. Just because a tooth is “infected” by bacteria does not mean treatment will spread the infection. In actuality, the patient is much more likely to become ill if the tooth is left untreated. Endodontic treatments are safe.
  • Tooth Extraction is a Good Alternative to Root Canal Treatment – Quite the contrary. It is always better to save the natural tooth. Removing the tooth will lead to further restorative work such as implants or bridges to fill the dental space. This will end up being a larger commitment of money and time than a root canal and simpler restoration such as a crown.

Learn More about Endodontics Information

Whether you need to make an emergency appointment or simply desire further endodontic information, Associated Endodontists, P.C. of Philadelphia can help. Our team of expert endodontists is available to discuss any possible questions or concerns you may have. So contact us today to schedule an appointment to further discuss endodontics information and possible treatment.

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